The Japanese brand JieDa is founded by Hiroyuki Fujita.
Designer Hiroyuki Fujita was born in Shimane in 1979.
Having worked in the fashion industry experience almost 10years, Hiroyuki launched his own collection label JieDa in 2007.
He opened his own multiple selected shop ‘KIKUNOBU’ in Tokyo at the same time.
KIKUNOBU has been growing up and 3shops in Tokyo, Osaka and his hometown Shimane now.
Listed as Under The Radar | 6 Upcoming Brands to Check Out This Month by Highsnobiety in 2016.
Fujita finds his inspiration in Japanese culture and physical world around him. His design based on Japanese street style.

MADE IN JAPAN to the highest standard with great attention to detail and finishing has a great importance in all collection.
The collection is available through a growing range of almost 40shops in Japan.
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